CRC AquaDiva Projects

Projects Overview

The CRC AquaDiva is divided into the subject areas A) Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, B) Fluxes and element flow, C) Interactions at the subsurface solid/fluid interface, and D) Informatics, training, and management.
CRC AquaDiva Projects
Image: CRC AquaDiva

A Projects: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning

B Projects: Fluxes and Element Flows

C Projects: Interactions at the Subsurface Solid/Fluid Interface

D Projects: Informatics, Training and Management

Ended Projects: 

A04 - Elucidation and quantification of microbial nutrient cycling through the assessment of key functional proteins 
Prof. Martin von Bergen and Dr. Nico Jehmlich, UFZ Leipzig; Prof. Kirsten Küsel, FSU (until 2017)

A05 - Unravelling the complex processes that control the biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of aquifers 
Prof. Ulrich Brose and Dr. Björn Rall, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

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