Scrabble Holzplätchen formen das Wort "Mental Health"

Impuls Talk "Mental Health for Supervisors" - Dr. Desiree Dickerson

August 10th, 2023
Scrabble Holzplätchen formen das Wort "Mental Health"


In recent years, awareness has risen, that the mental health of doctoral and postdoctoral researcher is at high risk (see literature below).

In AquaDiva, we take this seriously and therefore offer training especially for you as supervisors to enable you to help your staff in the best way possible.

More details:
2022, the Max Planck PostdocNet surveyExternal link confirmed that 55% of postdocs report at least mild depressive symptoms and 48% have at least mild anxiety. More than 1 in 5 postdocs show signs of moderate to severe clinical depression, which is almost three times higher than the general German population of the same age.

For doctoral researchers, it is 1 in 2 who experiences psychological distress and 1 in 3 is at risk of a psychiatric disorder (Levecque et al. 2017External link). Also, the Max Planck PhDnet Report 2019External link showed similar results for PhDs, and in 2021External link it was concluded, that mental health support needs to be improved strongly!