Happy end of the IRTG AquaDiva Writing Retreat 2023

IRTG AquaDiva Writing Retreat 2023

November 20-24, 2023
Happy end of the IRTG AquaDiva Writing Retreat 2023
Image: A. Hädrich
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Last week, 12 doctoral researchers of the IRTG AquaDiva spend 5 days together to learn new skills regarding scientific writing. The week comprised of daily input sessions and self-writing time to work on a current paper. 

A very big thank you, to all our contributors out of the AquaDiva community, who gave talks on the following topics:
Dr. Friedrich Bohn (B04) - Where to start & Storytelling
Dr. Ruth Magh (B02) - Topic sentences
Lucia Winkler (A03) - How to find a good title
Dr. Lukas Wick (A01) - How to write an introduction
Dr. Martin Taubert (A03) - Good figures and tables
Dr. Anke Hädrich (D02) - How to follow through
Dr. Thomas Ritschel (C05) - Statistics
Dr. Christian Zerfass (A02) - Literature organization
Prof. Dr. Anke Hildebrandt (B02) - How to erase

There was overall a lot of excited feedback and we feel, the week was a big success:
"It was great to get so much detailed knowledge from our AquaDiva collegues! Thank you all so much for taking the time to teach and discuss with us!!"

"A big shoutout to Lucia, who joined the teachers and guided us successfully through a creative writing task to find a good title for my next paper! Very helpful."

"Even though I currently do not work on a specific paper, I have now a much more detailed understanding of the whole writing process, as well as the content of specific sections. The whole process of paper writing became a lot less scary!"

"The input sessions were all very valuable! A special mentioning needs to go to Dr. Thomas Ritschel for an excellent session on "Statistics". No one has ever explained topics like "Error propagation" as detailed and understandable! A big 'thank you' to you!

"It was an absolute pleasure to spend so much time together, get to know each other and everyones skills even better."


  • Session Friedrich Bohn & Ruth Magh
    Session Friedrich Bohn & Ruth Magh
    Image: A. Hädrich
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    Intensive Discussions_1
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    Intensive Discussions_2
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