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B04 - Exploratory Modeling of Water and Biogeochemical Dynamics in the Earth’s Critical Zone

B04 will extend the hydrological model, developed in AquaDiva's first phase, into a full multi-scale hydro-biogeochemical model of the Hainich CZE. In particular, we will combine flow and transport simulations, validated by isotope measurements, to characterize the discharge generation with simulations of the response of microbial communities to extreme events. This will allow us to describe the chemical export dynamics of the Hainich CZE, to characterize the CZE as a physico-chemical filter for both, water and bioreactive solutes, and, eventually, to describe how surface signals propagate in and interact with subsurface regions, the central question of the AquaDiva project.



Prof. Dr. Sabine Attinger

Department Computational Hydrosystems,

UFZ Leipzig

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Dr. Martin Thullner

Department Environmental Microbiology,

UFZ Leipzig

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Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr. Falk Heße

Hydrogeolocical Modelling Group, Institute of Geosciences

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Department Computational Hydrosystems, UFZ Leipzig

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Doctoral Researcher



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