Group Picture Retreat 2022

First AquaDiva Retreat of the Third Funding Phase

June 20th-21st, 2022
Group Picture Retreat 2022
Image: J Rudolph
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On June 20th and 21st the CRC AquaDiva team attended the first retreat of the third funding phase and, to make the event even more special, it was the first retreat in person since 2019!

The Waldhotel BerghofExternal link, located in the Thuringian Forest, offered a great location to talk about science and to connect with each other, surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Waldhotel Berghof Waldhotel Berghof Image: Anke Hädrich
Waldhotel Berghof Waldhotel Berghof Image: Anke Hädrich

During the retreat, all members of the community attended interesting keynote lectures and the poster sessions offered valuable updates from all the projects.

Poster session Poster session Image: Anke Hädrich

Special highlight of the meeting was the talk about the microbe-plant-environment interaction networks regulating soil carbon sequestration in northern peatlands given by AquaDiva Mercator Fellow Prof. Dr. Joel E. KostkaExternal link, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta!

Talk by Joel Kostka Talk by Joel Kostka Image: Anke Hädrich

With the retreat occasion, the general members assembly with all AquaDiva PIs took place.

Moreover, all members of the integrative Research Training Group (iRTG) gathered together for team-building activities and brainstorming sessions.

iRTG meeting iRTG meeting Image: Anke Hädrich

This was a very fruitful event to be updated about Ctitical Zone research, get new ideas and connect with all the members of our community.

Special thanks go to the organizers AquaDiva Scientific Coordinator Dr. Maria Fabisch and iRTG Coordinator Dr. Anke Hädrich for their hard work in making sure everything was perfect during the retreat!