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Open positions in the CRC AquaDiva

The Collaborative Research Centre 1076 AquaDiva invites applications for several doctoral, postdoctoral, and technician positions.


Technician position in Molecular Biology

in project D03 (Prof. Dr. K. Küsel, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 474/2021

Apply until January 31st!

Postdoc position in Hydrobiogeochemical Data Synthesis

in project D03 (Prof. Dr. S. Trumbore, MP-BGC Jena)

Job announcement 03/2022 (German)

Job announcement 03/2022 (English)

Apply until February 10th!

PhD position in Raman spectroscopic gas sensing

in project B03 (Dr. T. Frosch, Leibniz-IPHT Jena)

Job announcement 2021_44

Apply until May 31st!  (Open until filled)

PhD position in Raman Spectroscopy 

in project A03 (Prof. Dr. J. Popp, Dr. P. Rösch, FSU Jena)

Job announcement coming soon (formerly 165/2021 and 270/2021)

Technician position in Environmental Technology (laboratory/field)

in project D03 (Prof. Dr. K. Totsche, FSU Jena)


Applications for Bachelor or Master theses are always welcome!

Please ask the PIs of the projects you are interested in.