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Open positions in the CRC AquaDiva

The Collaborative Research Centre 1076 AquaDiva invites applications for numerous doctoral, postdoctoral, and technician positions in 2021.


Technician position in Molecular Biology

in project D03 (Prof. Dr. K. Küsel, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 278/2021

Open until October 17th

Technician position in Environmental Technology (laboratory/field)

in project D03 (Prof. Dr. K. Totsche, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 360/2021

Open until October 10th


Postdoc position in Cheminformatics / Bioinformatics

in project D01 (Prof. Dr. C. Steinbeck, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 257/2021 (formerly 169/2021)

Open until October 3rd

PhD position in Raman Spectroscopy 

in project A03 (Prof. Dr. J. Popp, Dr. P. Rösch, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 270/2021 (formerly 165/2021)

Open until October 3rd

PhD position in Raman spectroscopic gas sensing

in project B03 (Dr. T. Frosch, Leibniz-IPHT Jena)

Job announcement 2021_22 (formerly 2021_14)

Open until October 3rd

PhD position in Polymer Sciences

in project C05 (Prof. Dr. U. Schubert, FSU Jena)

Job announcement 292/2021 (formerly 168/2021)

Open until October 3rd


1) Check if...

... the Collaborative Research Centre 1076 AquaDiva with its integrated Research Training Group AquaDiva is the right choice for you:

Learn more about the CRC AquaDiva and its field site or about the curriculum of the PhD program.

... you fulfill the requirements: Applications are open to canditates with 

- a Master's degree for PhD positions, 

- a doctoral degree for postdoc positions, or 

- a technical profession for technician positions

in one of AquaDiva's research disciplines.

The requirements for the individual projects are given in the job announcements above.

Excellent written and oral skills in English are expected.

2) Check details above on how to apply for a specific position and submit your application:

- For researcher positions at FSU, IPHT, and MPI-BGC Jena via the AquaDiva application platform:



- For researcher positions at UFZ Leipzig via the UFZ platform, accessable from the respective UFZ job announcement linked above

- For technician positions as given in the respective job announcement linked above

Queries concerning the application process should be directed to the IRTG coordinator, Dr. Anke Hädrich (aquadiva-recruitment[at]uni-jena.de). For project-related questions, please contact the respective project leader specified in the job announcement.

3) Phone/videochat interviews of pre-selected candidates

You will be contacted by the project PI.

4) Recuitment symposium in September 2021 for doctoral and postdoctoral positions; Interviews for technician positions.

In case you were selected to participate in a recruitment symposium or have a job interview, you will receive an invitation from us.


Applications for Bachelor or Master theses are always welcome!

Please ask the PIs of the projects you are interested in.