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Martin Taubert wins Applied & Environmental Microbiology GRC poster award!

For his presentation of the AquaDiva study "Tracking active groundwater microbes with D2O labeling to understand their ecosystem function", AquaDiva PI Dr. Martin Taubert was awarded a poster price at the Applied & Environmental Microbiology (AEM) Gordon Research Conference (GRC). The conference took place from July 16 to 21 of this year in South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA. The poster price was sponsored by the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME).

In his study, Dr. Martin Taubert combined Raman microspectroscopy and metaproteomics with D2O labeling to elucidate the response of the groundwater microbiome to simulated surface inputs. The study was realized in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Ecology and the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the FSU Jena, as well as the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (S. Stöckel, P. Geesink, S. Girnus, N. Jehmlich, M. von Bergen, P. Rösch, J. Popp, and K. Küsel). Jurors and attendees alike were intrigued by the innovative methodological approach that will no doubt stimulate further studies and reveal unprecedented insights into the ecology of the groundwater ecosystem. The AEM GRC is one of the longest running GRCs and provides a unique forum to discuss state-of-the-art approaches, technologies and insights that advance our understanding and increase our exploitation of the oldest life forms on Earth.

AEM GRC Poster Price

Winners of the AEM GRC Poster Award 2017.

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