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Get-together: PhD students from AquaDiva and the University of Delaware

On October 5th, 2018, six PhD students from the University of Delaware, USA, visited Jena and met AquaDiva PhD Students.

They spend the day in the City of Jena shared research and personal experiences and visited the lecture organized by the JSMC: "Coping with pressures during PhD studies".

Janice Hudson from Delaware nicely summarized the day: "I think I speak for all the UD grad students when I say we had the most wonderful time getting to know you all and seeing your City of Jena. We couldn't have asked for a better experience, it was nice to relax and talk culture and research and we all enjoyed the presentation at the university. We cannot thank you all enough for your time and hospitality. It was a time we will never forget and means a lot to us!"

AquaDiva and UD PhD students in Jena

Coffee break in the cafeteria at the University´s campus

Walk through the City of Jena

Pictures by Janice Hudson and Christine Hess.

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