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AquaDiva on-site Retreat 2018

On June 27+28, 2018, the AquaDiva on-site Retreat 2018 took place at the hotel Vitaleum in Hütten/Krölpa southeast of Jena near the Würzbachgrund.

We had excellent presentations of all CRC projects, fruitful discusssions and poster sessions, a field trip to the Würzbachgrund, and socializing events.

Thanks to all participants for a great time!

AquaDiva Consortium 2018

 The AquaDiva consortium 2018 (Photo by Anja Heinrich).

Presentations of Projects_1
Presentations of Projects_2
Field Trip to the Würzbachgrund

Presentations of the AquaDiva projects, here: Dr. Will Overholt presenting A03 (photo: Katharina Mey).

Markus Krüger presenting project B05 supervised by Dr. Martina Herrmann (photo: Patricia Geesink).

Field Trip to the Würzbachgrund, where the new, second field site of the CRC AquaDiva will be established (photo: Patricia Geesink).

Dr. Bernd Kohlhepp leading the Field Trip
Discussions in relaxed atmosphere_1
Discussions in relaxed atmosphere_2

Dr. Bernd Kohlhepp from the group of Prof. Kai Uwe Totsche leading the Field Trip (photo: Patricia Geesink).

Discussions in the sun and in very relaxed atmosphere (photo: Katharina Mey).

Discussions in the sun and in very relaxed atmosphere (photo: Katharina Mey).

Posters for Poster Sessions
Mercator Fellows 2018
PhD Socializing Event with Dr. D. Akob_1

Posters after the very successful poster sessions (photo: Katharina Mey).

Our Mercator Fellows 2018:

Dr. Denise Akob, USGS, and

Prof. Dr. Joel Kostka, Georgia Tech (photo: Katharina Mey).

PhD Socializing/Networking Event with Denise Akob (photo: Anke Hädrich).

PhD Socializing Event_2
Organization Team

Discussion round at the PhD Socializing/Networking Event (photo: Anke Hädrich).

The organizing team: Maria Fabisch and Anke Hädrich (photo: Katharina Mey).



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