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Anke Hildebrandt wins Jim Dooge award!

Congratulations to Anke Hildebrandt!

The 2016 AquaDiva publication  "A thermodynamic formulation of root water uptake"  (Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20(8): 3441-3454)  by AquaDiva PI Anke Hildebrandt and colleagues A. Kleidon and M. Bechmann won the Jim Dooge Award 2016! It was awarded to Anke Hildebrand at the EGU 2017 (European Geosciences Union General Assembly) in Vienna, Austria, in April this year.

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The Journal Hydrology and Earth System Science (HESS) honours the most outstanding papers of a year with the Jim Dooge Award, in memoriam of the ground-breaking contributions of Jim Dooge. Nomination and selection criteria are an outstanding scientific and presentation quality of the study.

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