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Integrated Hydrosystems Modelling Conference of the University Tübingen

At the University of Tübingen, the Integrated Hydrosystems Modelling Conference will be held in April 2018.

The intention of this conference is to discuss the state-of-knowledge and to give directions and incentives for future research in modelling coupled terrestrial hydrosystem on the catchment scale, including atmospheric and land-surface processes, surface-water bodies, and processes in the unsaturated soil zone and in groundwater.

16 one-hour keynote lectures will address the key question 'How Complex Should Integrated Models Be?' from different perspectives and disciplines - serving as nuclei for lively discussions. Two poster sessions will facilitate in-depth exchange of ideas and extending the discussions started in the keynote-lecture debates.

For further details, registration, and submission of abstracts, please see our website www.uni-tuebingen.de/hydromod2018.

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