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Seminar “Effective Presentation with Science Slams“

Zeitraum: 21.02.2019, 09:00 - 22.02.2019 17:00

iRTG AquaDiva Seminar "Effective Presentation with Science Slams"

For whome?

Doctoral researchers of the CRC AquaDiva

What for?

The seminar´s concept aims to strengthen your skills in presenting your research data to people, who are not specialists in your research field, and also to the public.

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February, 21+22, 2019



International meeting centre "Humboldt-Haus",

seminar room, Charlottenstrasse 23, 07749 Jena

(Detailed information can be found here + Google Maps link)

Some pictures of the "Humboldt-Haus"

IBZ ´Humboldt Haus´

IBZ ´Humboldt Haus´

and the seminar room

seminar room (IBZ ´Humboldt Haus´)