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Below, you can find a complete list of all AquaDiva publications.


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Previous publications

Akob D.M., Küsel K. (2011) Where microorganisms meet rocks in the Earth's Critical Zone. Biogeosciences 8: 3531-3543.

Kalbacher T., Delfs J.-O., Shao H., Wang W., Walther M., Samaniego L., Schneider C., Kumar R., Musolff A., Centler F., Sun F., Hildebrandt A., Liedl R., Borchardt D., Krebs P. and Kolditz O. (2011) The IWAS-ToolBox: software coupling for an integrated water resources management. Environ Earth Sci 65: 1367-1380.

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* C. Steinhäuser is now C. Hess

** A. Bachmann is now A. Sieburg