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AquaDiva Recruitment 2017/18

The Collaborative Research Center SFB 1076 AquaDiva still invites applications for several doctoral researcher positions in 2018 in different research areas, such as:

ecology, (environmental) microbiology, molecular biology/ecology, biogeochemistry, geo-ecology, geomorphology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, soil science, geophysics, physics, or chemistry.

Please find below a list of PhD projects we still offer in the 2017/2018 recruitment.


PhD position in AquaDiva project B05, Dr. Martina Herrmann, FSU:

From the Forest Canopy to the Aquifer: the Role of Microbial Processes in the Origin and Fate of Nitrate in the Earth's Critical Zone

Project number: 316/2017 (formerly 129/2017 and 254/2017)

more details

FOR APPLICATION OPEN UNTIL Jan 31, 2018 - Please e-mail your application (including motivation letter, curriculum vitae, university certificates, supporting letters, name and contact information of three referees) collected into one single pdf-file to , and refer to position 316/2017.

PhD position 1 in AquaDiva project B03, Dr. Torsten Frosch, IPHT:

Fiber-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

more details

FOR APPLICATION OPEN - Please contact Dr. Torsten Frosch ()

PhD position 2 in AquaDiva project B03, Dr. Torsten Frosch, IPHT:

Raman Gas Spectroscopy

more details

FOR APPLICATION OPEN - Please contact Dr. Torsten Frosch ()

Application Procedure

1) Check if...

... the Collaborative Research Center 1076 AquaDiva with its Integrated Research Training Group AquaDiva is the right choice for you: Learn more about the CRC and its field site or about the curriculum of the PhD program.

... you fulfill the requirements: Applications are open to canditates from all countries with a Master's degree (or similar; for PhD positions) or a doctoral degree (for postdoc positions) in one of AquaDiva's research disciplines (requirements for the individual projects are given in the respective project details above). Excellent written and oral skills in English are expected.

2) Check details above on how to apply for a specific position

3) Phone/skype interviews of pre-selected candidates

You will be contacted by the supervisor of the project.

4) Further details will be given by the supervisor/contact person for the specific project.

Applications for Bachelor or Master theses are always welcome!

Please ask the PIs of the projects you are interested in.