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Integrated Research Training Group AquaDiva

The integrated Research Training Group AquaDiva aims to advance the scientific qualification of the doctoral and postdoctoral researchers involved in the CRC AquaDiva. The program is patterned after other existing graduate programs, with which it is closely related.

The program facilitates original and independent research leading to a PhD thesis, and an additional PhD curriculum that includes a range of activities designed to support students by maintaining a flexible program with access to a number of resources designed to enhane their professional and communication skills.

Student Representatives

Johanna and Ali are the represenatives of the AquaDiva Integrated Research Training Group:


Johanna Metzger, B02:

Johanna Metzger, doctoral student, explains the Flux2 sampling site_small

"Because of the cooperation with the regional grad schools - JGA, HIGRADE, IMPRS - we have access to a broad variety of high quality courses. The special AquaDiva courses give a basis for our interdisciplinary research, it helps us to understand more deeply the outline of AquaDiva and the links to our co-subprojects. I think another bonus is the liberty of choice: Of course there is a set of skills and knowledge that is necessary to work well scientifically and to get an overview of the relevant topics, which is mandatory. But apart from this, everybody has the chance to individually seek the pieces of information that will serve her or him best for their work, and additionally be encouraged to scientific outreach."

Ali Nawaz, A03:

Ali Nawaz_small

"Being a PhD student representative in AquaDiva Research Training Group (iRTG AquaDiva) is an exciting and challenging experience that takes a bit of my time from my usual lab schedule, but it provides me a unique opportunity to interact with speakers of the CRC AquaDiva to represent the interests of the respective graduate students in iRTG AquaDiva. It also privileged me to give general feedback to the speakers about any issues, we (the PhD students) were unhappy regarding the PhD program.
In my opinion, it's a great learning experience and an opportunity to develop soft skills during the course of my PhD, like communication skills, networking, planning, and multitasking. Time management is one aspect that I am struggling with, but this is definitely my next goal to achieve, not only for organizing PhD student social activities, but also for my scientific career. I believe that being student representative helped me to discover new things and understand myself better and I hope that this will be a meaningful addition to my PhD logbook."

The iRTG AquaDiva Cooperates with

Jena Graduate Academy JGA

Research training group of young biodiversity researchers yDiv
 y Div

International Max Planck Research School for Global Biogeochemical Cycles (IMPRS-gBGC)
 imprs gBGC

Graduate school for doctoral candidates at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ and their partner universities (HIGRADE)

Jena School for Microbial Communication JSMC