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AquaDiva Retreat 2016

AquaDiva Retreat May 2 + 3, 2016

The annual AquaDiva Retreat was taking place in Dornburg, old castle. During the 2-days retreat, AquaDiva scientist met for scientific exchange, discussions of the latest developments and most importantly to introduce their projects envisioned for the second funding period of AquaDiva. Furthermore a number of new AquaDiva members, who would like to be part of the AquaDiva team in the second funding period, were introduced to the community and officially associated during the general member assembly of AquaDiva.

Open discussion rounds were used to deepen existing collaborations between the members, coordinate future plans and collaborations and intregrate our new AquaDiva members.

Remarkably, Prof. Rainer Meckenstock, Biofilm Centre, University Duisburg-Essen, member of the AquaDiva advisory board, and Prof. Ernst Detlef Schulze, former dircetor of the MPI-BGC, joined the Retreat. They were invited to give feedback, from an external reviewers point of view, on the AquaDiva research projects.

Here are some impressions from the 2 days:


Grouppicture in front of the old castle, Dornburg

AquaDiva bottles_1 beautiful view from the old castle_1 old castle, Dornburg_1
continuing discussions in the castle courtyard_1 discussion between Susan Trumbore and Beate Michalzik_1 Nico Überschaar, Christine Hess and Udo Hahn_1
Rainer Meckenstock, invited guest, is giving feedback about AquaDiva Research Project_1 Kai Uwe Totsche and Ernst-Detlef Schulze following the contributions_1 open discussions_1
Rainer Meckenstock, Anke Hildebrandt and Kirsten Küsel having a discussion after dinner_1
Fotos: Patricia Lange and Katharina Reichel

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